Course Overview:

Welcome to “Introduction to Human Space Exploration”. This course is intended for middle and high school students, though certain activities and projects may be modified to fit a younger or older audience. If you have obtained this course and its accompanying resources from iTunes U, Udemy, directly from the author’s website, or from another online learning institution, lectures and other A/V presentations will be included. If instead this course is being used in a traditional classroom setting, students and teachers are encouraged to facilitate the instruction and corresponding discussions on a local level. Lectures may still be downloaded from the author’s website if desired. While this course includes enough content, activities, and resources to be offered as a stand-alone course in most school schedules, it is also recognized that school districts may not find it reasonable to add additional courses to their already packed rosters. For that reason, the information and projects in this course may be offered in whole or in part with any other class as thought reasonable. Examples include any variety of science, math, gifted, or even language arts and history/social science classes. “Introduction to Human Space Exploration” is an interdisciplinary course with a strong emphasis on modern teaching and learning strategies including project-based learning, cooperative learning, student-lead instruction and discussion, individualized instruction, and enrichment activities.

Additionally, parental and community involvement is highly encouraged and is made possible through several of the recommended projects. Teachers are encouraged to come up with creative ways of grading students, based on the included projects and recommended activities, but as with any course, teachers should use their own discretion for implementing the “Questions for Review” at the end of each section of this guide may be used as self-assessment tools or as quizzes. Also, it is recommended that instructors continually check the author’s website for additional class resources which may be made available at times. Those who choose a subscription through the website, iTunes U, Udemy, or other online learning institutions, should receive such additional resources automatically.