Welcome to Business Typing II. I am very excited to offer this class online! You learned the basics of all skills needed to be a good typist. Business Typing II will help you develop your speed and accuracy along with proofreading skills. You will expand to higher skills in business typing II - welcome and let's begin. Create a folder on your student drive called "Business Typing II". All your documents will be saved in this folder with appropriate names. I may need to open your original document in order to grade it. If you are working at home, make sure you save the files in case I ask for them. See me to receive a book for this class.

When you submit papers in my inbox to be reviewed, please either type or print the name of the assignment on the bottom of the page. Also, the assignments are grouped by packet numbers, please staple the assignments together by group and also label the packet as "Packet 1, Term 1." I will be able to separate the work completed by term. Your cooperation is appreciated.