A 3 credit, online course designed for K-12 Educators to identify, improve, and enhance their own 21st Century Skills so that they may assist the achievement of their own 21st Century students. This online course will focus on the classroom use of free technology tools such as YouTube, Jing, ScreenCast-o-Matic, Online Data Collection, Scribd, and Cover-It-Live. Educators will learn how to create useable lessons that can be put online and/or used in the classroom for instruction, enrichment, or differentiation.  This course can be taken with either a PC or a Mac, as these technology tools work on both platforms.

This 3 credit online course is designed for educators who have MacBooks or iMacs and who want to start tapping into the power of the Mac OS to improve student achievement in their classrooms. As teachers become more proficient with these programs, they will be better equipped to facilitate student learning. In the course, we will begin by exploring the Mac OS so that you are comfortable with the basic functionality of your Mac computer. We will then move onto iPhoto, the program that allows you to make great slideshows for your students. Following that, you will learn how to use Keynote, Mac’s presentation software (similar to PowerPoint). And you will conclude the course by learning how to create more advanced presentations using iMovie, where there is virtually no limit to your flexibility...except your own creativity.

This 3 credit online course is designed to focus on successful teaching instruction and strategies for preschool to grade 3. Subject areas include the strategies for promoting; a comfortable learning environment, positive reinforcement, icebreakers, learning and literacy centers, organization skills for teacher and student, bulletin boards, successful subject area lessons (math, language arts, social studies, science, art, music, physical education), and overall meaningful teaching and learning strategies. This course contains hundreds of activities and lessons that all teachers can access; and illustrates ways all students can participate in them.

This 3 credit online course is designed to describe the beliefs, attitudes, and interactions that form an atmosphere conducive to learning in our best classrooms and schools. It focuses primarily on “specific things that great teachers, legendary teachers” do. The book “What Great Teachers Do Differently” is filled with strategies and ideas to motivate students. There are many meaningful websites to stimulate your students and simple suggestions that you can integrate into your current routine.

a. This 3 credit online course is designed to focus explicitly on inclusive classrooms and provides unique suggestions for meeting the needs of students with disabilities, including those with learning, cognitive, and sensory differences. This course contains hundreds of familiar novel activities that all teachers can access; and illustrates ways all students can participate in them.